On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 05:28:51PM -0400, Tim Peters wrote:
| AFAIK, nobody anywhere has used this yet, outside of Python's test
| suite.  It was intended to be a simple, cheap approach to cutting
| pickle bloat for apps motivated enough to set up the registry.  You'll
| note that half the one-byte codes are reserved for Zope :-)
| >You mean an optimization to make the pickle size for some
| >new style classes smaller. That's not yet used because it could
| >make the storage exchange between different Python versions impossible
| >(the older Python versions would not understand the new pickle protocol).
| The need for protocol 2 is also why the extension registry (above)
| can't be used so long as older Pythons are in the mix.

Does that mean that if someone didn't care about older python's in the
mix and were willing to register those shorter byte code extensions
for it's own Zope that person would likely see great improvements in
pickle size reduction, and that it would even improve ZEO transport by
reducing the size of the data that is transferred?

Maybe we should propose such changes to Zope 2.10/2.11 since it
already requires Python 2.4 (since Zope 2.9).

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