Dieter Maurer wrote:
Christian Theune wrote at 2006-7-13 17:13 +0200:
Is there any ability in ZODB to retroactively wrap objects in a
persistence mechanism instead of having to rewrite an entire library
to use the Persistent class?
You can always persist (almost) any object, even if it does not subclass from Persistent. However, any changes to the object will not be detected automatically and you would have to either a) reassign the object to the ZODB or b) mark it as changed using _p_changed()

The "it" above may be misleading:

  It is very unlikely that a non-persistent object has a "_p_changed"

  The "it" above therefore cannot refer to the 'object not derived
  from "Persistent"'.

  Usually, "it" refers to the persistent parent containing the
  non persistent object as attribute value.

Yes. Actually I even meant the wrong "it". I tried to clarify in a later posting ... sorry for the confusion.


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