Jonathan wrote at 2006-8-21 11:41 -0400:
>I have encountered a problem caused by packing Data.fs (pack done via ZMI - 
>Control Panel - Database Management - main - Pack).  After Data.fs is 
>packed, the ZODBmount point for the zeo server is missing.
>I have the following folder set-up:
>   |----Coz
>          |---ZeoServer1
>After the pack operation, folder 'ZeoServer1' is missing.

That would be a severe bug in "FileStorage" -- and it is almost

   A mount point is nothing special for a "FileStorage". It is
   treated like any other object.

   What you tell us is that a reachable object can be discarded
   by packing. As a mount point is nothing special, it could
   happen with any object.

   But it is now years back that we got the last packing problem report.

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