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Jim Fulton wrote:

On Sep 12, 2006, at 3:07 PM, Tim Peters wrote:

[David Binger]
That's interesting.
It appears that pickle protocol 2 chokes on inf.

[Tim Peters]
As above. BTW, why protocol 2 specifically? Protocols 1 and 2 treat
floats the same way.

I was thinking that the default protocol is 1, but I see
now that the default is 0.

Strange, eh?  Since only protocol 0 existed at first, I suppose this
was a nod to backward compatibility.

Plus version 0 pickles are more readable. :)  Honestly.

The verbosity comes at a non-trival price in high-write scenarios.

Sure. That's why we invented protocol 1 as part of the cPickle effort
and why we use it in ZODB.

Being able to compress away the class name of 'OOBucket', for instance,
could reduce the amount of crap slung throgh the network by a lot.

Yeah, which protocol 2 would let us do.


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