Jim Fulton wrote at 2006-10-6 16:55 -0400:
> ...
>> As explained in the proposal:
>>   We have 3 use cases for volatile attributes:
>I didn't ask why you use volatile attributes.
>I asked why _p_sticky needs to be stored on each instance,
>since it is set at the class level.

It is set at class level only for one of the 3 use cases -- as explained
in the original proposal *AND* in the repetition of the 3 use cases....

>>> - This isn't unique to _v_ attributes.  An object could
>>>   have other non-persistent data that is precious.
>> No: only "_v_" attributes are lost at deactivation
>No, normally all state is lost at deactivation, including _v_
>attributes.  Of course, most other state can be reloaded
>from the database.

Thus, it is in some way persistent, isn't it?

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