Arve Knudsen wrote at 2007-2-14 16:34 +0100:
>I sometimes receive an exception when closing a ZODB, due to it trying to
>remove a lock file which doesn't exist. Given the backtrace can you tell me
>whether this is something which should be rectified in ZODB? I suspect the
>problem lies in the fact that the database is closed from atexit, maybe ZODB
>has already registered some kind of cleanup from atexit?

Have you registered a "close" function for your storage, too?

The API is a bit inconsitent:

  While you open both a storage and a DB, the "DB.close()" implicitly
  closes the storage as well.

  Thus, if you have registered a "storage.close", the "DB.close()"
  might find the storage already closed and get an error as you

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