I think I've figured out what goes wrong. The exception occurs during
automated testing, with a temporary root for the database storage among
other things. This root is deleted once
finishes, and before the database is closed it seems. The resulting
exception is a bit confusing however, maybe ZODB should be a bit more
robust toward this sort of scenario?
Maybe a corresponding exception could be raised if the storage doesn't
exist on disk,
e.g. "StorageMissing"?


On 2/15/07, Arve Knudsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi, Dieter

On 2/14/07, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Arve Knudsen wrote at 2007-2-14 16:34 +0100:
> >I sometimes receive an exception when closing a ZODB, due to it trying
> to
> >remove a lock file which doesn't exist. Given the backtrace can you
> tell me
> >whether this is something which should be rectified in ZODB? I suspect
> the
> >problem lies in the fact that the database is closed from atexit, maybe
> >has already registered some kind of cleanup from atexit?
> Have you registered a "close" function for your storage, too?
> The API is a bit inconsitent:
>   While you open both a storage and a DB, the "DB.close()" implicitly
>   closes the storage as well.
>   Thus, if you have registered a "storage.close", the " DB.close()"
>   might find the storage already closed and get an error as you
>   reported.

I haven't scheduled the storage for closing, it only exists within my database. 
I added some debugging statements to see if the ZODB storage were closed 
several times, but it was not so. So it seems this is internal to ZODB.


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