Hi Everyone, 

We were experience problems with our zeo client setup on redhat rhel4.
The client would just quit responding.  No memory or cpu increase was
associated with this.  The client would remain hung until it was

We looked on the client using Netstat and the status was ESTABLISHED
with the zeo server.  On the zeo server the netstat said LISTENING. 

When running the deadlockdebugger, one thread was in asnycore wait.  The
others were normal actions such as folder listing or folder contents. 

We implemented a couple of lines of code on line 641 of connection.py in
the ZEO/zrpc packages 

We added and else clause to call self.close() if delay is over one
second.  We found that one second wasn't quite enough and moved it to 5

Now we find out that this drastically improved our performance. The
servers are now < 1 second per page load.  Before, they could be 5
seconds or more, if they loaded at all.  Also, our servers used to crash
several times a day and they now haven't crashed in almost a week. 

I just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone has any comments
at all.  I need to get a more permanent solution than this, but it is
what we have for now. 

System Configuration 
Zope 2.9.5 
Plone 2.5.1 
Python 2.4.3 
Redhat Rhel4 

Communications between our zeo clients and zeo server only route through
a switch. 

Thank you for any help, 
Paul Williams

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