You need to provide the full traceback so we can tell where it is coming from.

My guess (though I'm surprised by the particular error) is that you have perhaps got content owned by users in a user folder outside the site that is no longer accessible when you mount the database on its own. If that is the case then you need to write a script to fix up the __ac_local_roles__ on the affected objects.


Tim Tisdall wrote:
  Here's the thing...  I get a KeyError if that ZODB is on it's own,
but if I create a fammed-old object that's similar to what it's
looking for, it will then throw a POSKeyError.

  The Plone instance was created fresh and then only the file
contents of the old site were copied over to the new instance.  The
migration of the old Plone site didn't work, but it did manage to make
it so I could access the files contained within and copy them over.  I
didn't copy over any stylings, products, users, widget things...  I'm
pretty sure I just copied over AT types and a few basic zope files
(like DTML files and zope page templates).


On 3/23/07, Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Can you tell whether you get a KeyError or a POSKeyError?

If you get a KeyError, it's likely that the app (Plone) is broken, e.g.
during the migration you mentioned.

A POSKeyError would (very likely) not talk about a a key like
'fammed-old', so I suspect you don't have a corruption in your
storage/database but your application.


Am Freitag, den 23.03.2007, 12:04 -0400 schrieb Tim Tisdall:
>   I've got a 1gb ZODB that contains a single plone site and I'm not
> able to access any part of it via the ZMI.  It keeps saying that it's
> looking for key "fammed-old" which is another plone site in another
> ZODB file.  Basically I managed to partly migrate a Plone 2.0 to Plone
> 2.5 and then copied over the file contents from that instance into a
> new Plone instance.  I have no idea why the new one would be
> referencing the old one, but it seemed to always throw this error if
> the old database was unmounted.
>   I've tried several "cookbook" fixes I've found, but the problem is
> that the plone instance itself is throwing the KeyError.  Deleting the
> whole plone instance is not going to help me much.  Any suggestions?
>   I've also tried running the, but it simply makes a
> complete duplicate of the file. doesn't seem to find any
> errors. finds a series of errors, but I have no idea what
> to do with that information.  It seems that it's finding that it's
> referencing "fammed-old" and that that doesn't exist.
>   -Tim
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