Maybe I missed mentioning it, but if there was no fammed-old object
then it would give a KeyError: 'fammed-old'.  If I created a new plone
instance in the spot where it was expecting, it would instead give me
a POSKeyError.

  I really don't know anything about Python...  how do I create a
persistent object?


On 3/27/07, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Tim Tisdall wrote at 2007-3-27 15:31 -0400:
> That's what I've been using...  the zopectl debug.  It basically
>says that there is a KeyError: 'fammed-old' when I try to access a
>part of the object.  The traceback seems to indicate that it's trying
>to "connect" to that object but isn't able to.

But, that should not result in a "KeyError" (but something different).

Once, you have also spoken about a "POSKeyError".
This "POSKeyError" may be more tractable.


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