Thanks to Jim, Theune, Dieter and all others who weighed in on this thread.

The problem:  ZEO Clients would lock up randomly requiring restart.

The hints: Lots of 'Connection timed out' and 'No route to host' in
ZEO Server log files.

The solution: The machine the ZEO server was running iptables.  Even
though it was
allowing the zeo server port 8100; it was filtering on all interfaces.
I simply changed rules so port 8100 would not filter the internal
network interface - at all.  ZEO listens specifically on internal
ip/port 8100.

System has been stable for several days; without zeo server logs
containing any connection errors.  I had never had this problem before
because.. well.. we use firewalls on our customers (external
interfaces and our internal interfaces never have filtering) and this
particular sysadmin was running iptables on all public/private
interfaces; locking the machine down as much as possible.

Thanks again guys!

Alan Runyan
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