Jim Fulton wrote at 2007-4-24 17:01 -0400:
>I'm 99.9% sure that version commit and abort are broken in ZODB.DB.   
>The commit methods in CommitVersion, and AbortVersion (and  
>TransactionalUndo) call invalidate on the databse too soon -- before  
>the transaction has committed.  This can have a number of bad  
>effects, including causing inconsistent data in connections.
>An argument for keeping version in the past was that they "worked".   
>Well, I think they don't work and I'm not interested in writing the  
>test to fix them.  Is anyone else?

The last time I used "Version"s was about 2 years ago to
change the indexes of a catalog without a downtime.
"Version"s was a great help then.

With "ManagableIndex", I could achieve this today without
"Version"s. But not all indexes have yet the necessary possibility
to determine the object values independent from the index id.

Thus, I might still miss "Version".

On this other hand, I currently do not have time to provide the
tests and fix the code...

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