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(this goes mostly to Jim)

I just noticed that the blob.py has a todo list at the end of it. We
shouldn't let it stay there. Here are some comments about the various

# To do:
# Production
# - Ensure we detect and replay a failed txn involving blobs forward
#       backward at startup.
#     Jim: What does this mean?

Chris McDonough came up with this, I'm not quite sure. It has something
todo how FileStorage recovers when starting up AFAIR.

FileStorage doesn't play anything forward on startup. It does throw away partial or uncommitted transactions. I don't see any significant harm in leaving extra blob files around and they would eventually be removed through packing. We do need to take a little extra care in the packing code to deal with this possibility though.

# Far future
#       More options for blob directory structures (e.g. dirstorages
#       bushy/chunky/lawn/flat).
#       Make the ClientStorage support minimizing the blob
#       cache. (Idea: LRU principle via mstat access time and a
#       size-based threshold) currently).

I can put those into launchpad as blueprints.


# Savepoint support
# =================
#  - A savepoint represents the whole state of the data at a certain
point in
#    time
#  - Need special storage for blob savepointing (in the spirit of
#  - What belongs to the state of the data?
#    - Data contained in files at that point in time
#    - File handles are complex because they might be referred to from
# places. We would have to introduce an abstraction layer to allow
#      switching them around...
#      Simpler solution: :

Didn't you (Jim) do this?

Yes. Non-optimistic savepoints now work AFAIK. Interestingly, they were mostly implemented already.

Good catch wrt this to-do list.


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