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Starting the database through zdrun is quite slow, as it always ends up
sleeping for at least 1 second:
 - zdctl spawns zdrun
 - zdctl immediately tries to connect to the unix socket
 - unix socket is not ready or non-existent
 - zdctl sleeps for 1 second
 - zdctl retries the connection

The socket is usually ready pretty quickly (especially on hot caches),
so sleeping for 1 second is quite a lot.

The attached patch speeds up startup by making zdctl launch zdrun by
fork(), and then sharing a pipe so that zdrun can tell zdctl when the
socket is ready.

Wouldn't it be a lot simpler to simply sleep less? It sounds like sleeping .1 would speed it up by a factor of 10. :)

It's not that pretty but it does speed up startup quite significantly.
Would you consider this approach? If so I will update it for the latest
zdaemon (it's generated against zodb-3.3, sorry..) and clean up the
whitespace etc.

Are there any released versions of zdaemon (I note it's no longer
included in the zodb tarballs) or should I get it from svn?

It's on PyPI: http://www.python.org/pypi/zdaemon

You can also get it from svn.


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