David Binger <dbinger <at> mems-exchange.org> writes:

> On Nov 1, 2007, at 7:05 AM, Matt Hamilton wrote:
> > Ie we perhaps look at a catalog data structure
> > in which writes are initially done to some kind of queue then moved  
> > to the
> > BTrees at a later point.
> A suggestion: use a pair of BTrees, one with a high branching factor  
> (bucket size)
> and one with a very low branching factor.  Force all writes into the  
> tree with little
> buckets.  Make every search look in both trees.  Consolidate  
> occasionally.

An interesting idea.  Surely we need the opposite though, and that is an
additional BTree with a very large bucket size, as we want to minimize the
chance of a bucket split when inserting?  Then we occasionally consolidate and
move the items in the original BTree with the regular bucket size/branch factor.


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