Hi guys,

I just committed some performance enhancements to RelStorage, then I performed two simple speed comparisons with FileStorage using a stopwatch. I was surprised at the results.

Test #1: I measured the time to create a new database from scratch and start handling requests. I did this using a fresh instance of Zope 2.10.5 with Plone 3.0.5. The duration is from the time I started Zope to the time Zope said "Ready to handle requests".

  Test #1 on FileStorage: 24.9 seconds
  Test #1 on RelStorage/PostgreSQL: 23.1 seconds

Test #2: I measured the time to create a Plone site in a new database. The duration is from the time I clicked "Add Plone Site" to the time the Zope management interface reappeared.

  Test #2 on FileStorage: 11.8 seconds
  Test #2 on RelStorage/PostgreSQL: 9.1 seconds

I did this on a Linux 64 bit dual core system with PostgreSQL 8.2.6 running locally.

Kudos to the PostgreSQL team for building such a nice database. :-) Oracle performance is up as well, I believe. Should I make a MySQL 5+ adapter? It could be fun.

Instructions for checking out RelStorage are in the Wiki.


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