Flavio Coelho wrote:
I think it would be a good idea to update the wiki with instructions of how to enable RelStorage for use with Standalone ZODB. I am particularly interested in doing it. I am anxious to benchmark it

Well, let me think through what the wiki might say:

1. Download ZODB and patch it with poll-invalidation-1-zodb-3-8-0.patch
2. Install ZODB.
3. Get the relstorage package into your Python path somehow.
4. When creating the DB object, base it on a RelStorage instance instead of a FileStorage instance.

Step 1 is ugly, but it will get a lot better once the patch is integrated. Step 3 is incomplete, but I guess putting relstorage in the Python package index will solve that. Step 4 would be much better with an example.

too.... especially the packing time....

Packing speed still disappoints me a bit. I recently rewrote the pack algorithm for the 3rd time and it's still not as fast as I expect. I need to figure out why.


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