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Jim Fulton wrote:

Since BTrees are written in C, I couldn't add my own conflict
manager to try
to merge buckets. (and this is
way over my head)
That doesn't really matter, because conflict-resolution can only
operate on one object at a time.

Is the class I have shown to Andreas is the way to go for conflict
(beside the fact that it shouldn't occur with a better design) ?

I doubt it.  I don't want to work that hard.

Jim Fulton wrote:

A similar and common mistake is
to allocate keys sequentially.  A better solution is to allocate keys
randomly (or sequentially within threads with random starting points).

Is it possible to have some kind of thread-safe next_id() function ?
like what some database systems provides

There are numerous examples of this. It isn't provided by ZODB because this is an application issue. Look at the way ids are generated in the Zope 3 intid utility and in the Zope 2 catalog.


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