Jim Fulton wrote:

There's also a problem that we made cross-database references so easy to make that they are made accidentally.

There's also no way to say "actually, I want to *move* this object to this other storage.

Semantically, that's what my customer was trying to do...

make them more explicit, at least optionally. I think where people have gotten into trouble is where they've mounted content trees into other content trees and then moved objects between trees creating cross-database references accidentally.

Bingo. I should note that while I often make use of mounted storages for two reasons:

1. More control over object cache contents
2. Different packing schedules for different sections of the tree
   (ie: imported content is packed to nothing straight away, other stuff
    is never packed if I can help it)

...I rarely create cross-database references.

In the longer term, multi-database GC is an option. I believe this will be doable.

That would be handy, as would multi-database Undo as you mentioned later in the thread.



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