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> Hi there,

Hi Martijn,

>  I think a zodb.zope.org would be a major step forward to attract
>  attention to this very cool, very mature, very powerful technology that
>  we're hiding away right now. Attracting attention might attract new
>  users. Attracting new users might attract new developers who want to
>  hack on the ZODB. New developers might mean they might implement
>  whatever makes our dreams come true. Don't you guys want your dreams to
>  come true? :)


>  What we need is one or two people who are willing to drive this effort
>  so we get the site in the air and some basic content in. After that we
>  can give everybody a login into that site and they can start adding
>  documents.
>  So, is anyone interested? I had some volunteers mail me last time, and I
>  still have their email addresses, so you'll have a pre-selected group of
>  helpers. :)

I think these helpers are me and Fernando Correa Neto. :-) We have
done some work on this topic in the end of 2007:

We stopped working (lack of time), but we're planning to do a
"two-person sprint" next month on FISL (Fórum Internacional de
Software Livre / Free Software International Forum, here in Brazil).
Our plan is to write "one tutorial to rule them all", upgrading a
pre-existent tutorial (perhaps the one on SVN) and add links / how-tos
based on these links:


There are many basic tutorials on ZODB; I think we should get rid of
most of them and centralize the documentation.

After the zope.org theme get ready we can customize it for
ZODB.zope.org. If anyone wants a user on this plone site, please
contact me. We need help. :-)

Dirceu Pereira Tiegs
Weimar Consultoria

Hospedagem Plone, Zope e Python
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