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There's so much energy on this list recently, so I figured I'd check again whether we can get zodb.zope.org going. We can talk about performance measurements, we can talk about RelStorage, there's endless amounts of good stuff to say, and we can mine up quite a few older documents that are relevant today (and could be edited to be completely up to date).

I think a zodb.zope.org would be a major step forward to attract attention to this very cool, very mature, very powerful technology that we're hiding away right now. Attracting attention might attract new users. Attracting new users might attract new developers who want to hack on the ZODB. New developers might mean they might implement whatever makes our dreams come true. Don't you guys want your dreams to come true? :)

Technology-wise I don't think we will have much of a problem too. We need to get a hosting provider, but the Foundation can help with that. We'll need a simple web design - we've already been working on a design for zope.org that you may be able to reuse, and even getting a bare-bones new one won't be much work. Setting up a Plone site won't be much of a problem too: both the new zope.org projects and also grok.zope.org have buildouts and infrastructure ready for you. I suspect that grok.zope.org is close to what you need, and if you need more information I'm sure the people who worked on that can help.

What we need is one or two people who are willing to drive this effort so we get the site in the air and some basic content in. After that we can give everybody a login into that site and they can start adding documents.

So, is anyone interested? I had some volunteers mail me last time, and I still have their email addresses, so you'll have a pre-selected group of helpers. :)



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