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On Fri, 2008-03-21 at 22:49 -0400, Sean Allen wrote:
And we want to change the the description of Widget B and have that
change appear for everything, how do I do that?
basically, I want all LineItems for Widget A to all refer to a single
instance of Product.

If you simply assign the product to an attribute on the line item, it
will create a reference in the ZODB. And you can use zc.relation to
index and query the relation.

# get the product from your products container:
product = productfolder['ProductXYZ']
# assign it to the line item instance
lineitem.product = product

It's really that simple! If you change the description attribute of the
referenced product, all line items referencing it will show the new

Ha! Ok.

Questions then from there.

Why not store each object type,

customer, order etc in their own folders?

is there a reason to have a folder that contains a more complete graph?
what advantages would that have? speed of access?


the database i am looking at moving over has

1.2 million entries in a transactions table
980,000 orders
775,000 customers
1.5 million order items

and probably another 600,000 other assorted entires that would
be needed in an oo scenario ( tons of join table entries get ditched tho, nice! )

what type of server setup etc would be needed to handle that load
considering that currently, 40,000 new orders go in a month
along with the corresponding numbers of customers etc.

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