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> if i have customer A who has order B
> and i store customer A to customer dictionary
> and order B to order dictionary
> then later  access order B from order dictionary, modify and update it
> does ZEO update the instance of order pointed to by customer A?
> I cant get it to do it. My understanding is it cant. Well, it could
> but it isnt 'right out of the box' seamless.
> If you do that in gemstone, there is only one copy of Order B, no matter
> what variable in what dictionary you come at it from. And its drop  
> dead simple.
> I looked at implementing that with zodb and moved along.

But that's a feature and not a limitation.  :-)

If I store patient A in demographics
and a clinical entry B in ehr

When I edit the clinical entry B my DBM had better NOT update B. It is
supposed to create a new clinical entry that is reference as a later
version of B. 

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