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What you *can't* do out of the box is ask "hey, what products have an attribute that points to this brand?". That's a back-reference, and that
needs solutions like the ones to which I was referring.

In other words: if you want an index of references (or any attribute for
that matter), you have to set it up (just as you would for a RDBMS).

but i could just loop over all the products checking the brand.

You could...

and if that statement doesnt set off alarm bells then i feel comfortable in
my understanding

...but you'd kill kittens, er no, you'd take an inordinate amount of time
to find things.  That's what indexes are for, after all.

unless it was a rather limited list of items...

if not how i managed to

1. misinterpret something and
2. how i managed to write code that actually supported that

I can't tell from here. ;)

neither can i til i dig up the code.

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