Jim Fulton wrote:
> I'm going to restore svn from a backup and see where that leaves us.   
> I'm going to disable svn access while I work on this.

Good luck :-) I know a little something about the hard work involved in 
recovering subversion repos, in the last year we had TWO cases of 
corrupted revisions in an svn repo we were managing. It had something to 
do with concurrent commits and the fact that we were running 
apache-mpm-worker (instead of prefork).

In any case, both times I managed to get it back by as follows (from 

backup the repo to a point right before the corruption:
        svnadmin dump -r 0:1234 > /tmp/dump.head

backup from after the point of corruption:
        svnadmin dump --incremental -r 1235:HEAD > /tmp/dump.tail

Restore the first dump to a new location, then make a checkout.

Recreate the missing revision (this is the hard part, luckily we had a 
mailing list with diffs) and commit it.

Restore the rest.

Not sure if that helps but I thought I'd share my experiences.

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