On 11/11/08 4:10 PM, Izak Burger wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:
I'm going to restore svn from a backup and see where that leaves us.
I'm going to disable svn access while I work on this.

Good luck :-) I know a little something about the hard work involved in
recovering subversion repos, in the last year we had TWO cases of
corrupted revisions in an svn repo we were managing. It had something to
do with concurrent commits and the fact that we were running
apache-mpm-worker (instead of prefork).

FWIW, the setup we have for svn.plone.org may be useful for others as well: we have two servers (svn.plone.org and svn-mirror.plone.org) with a svnsync setup to keep the mirror (almost) realtime in sync with the main server. There is an LDAP database which is replicated between the two servers as well which we use for authentication. This setup allows us to swich svn.plone.org to the other server in minutes if it dies, without any loss of data.


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