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>> On Nov 17, 2008, at 8:21 AM, Andreas Jung wrote:
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>>> Rephrasing my question in a different way: how can I get hold of the
>>> "parent" object based a persistent object with a _p_jar
>>> connection? E.g. when the ZODB commits a subobject (e.g. a BTree or
>>> a bucket) of portal_catalog/Indexes/some_index then I would like to
>>> get hold of the the related parent "first-class" Zope 2 object (e.g.
>>> derived from SimpleItem/Item or something like that).
>> There isn't a practical way to do that. (If you're willing to work
>> very very very hard, you can iterate over a database and build up a
>> reverese reference structure.)
> FWIW: I've wanted to do this same thing before but found no toolchain
> support and gave up.

It would probably be best to start with the `fsdump` tool. Here's a  
transaction record from a dump I had lying around.

Trans #00720 tid=03744947f76dbf66 time=2008-03-07 20:23:57.991102  
     status='p' user='/ example.user.1' description="Deleted 'thirty  
foot flat bar' [galleryphoto5]"
   data #00000 oid=00000000000045f6 size=278  
   data #00001 oid=000000000002b67d size=305 class=BTrees._IFBTree.IFSet
   data #00002 oid=000000000002b648 size=320 class=BTrees._IFBTree.IFSet
   data #00003 oid=000000000002b67f size=320 class=BTrees._IFBTree.IFSet
   data #00004 oid=0000000000006db8 size=295 class=BTrees._IFBTree.IFSet
   data #00005 oid=0000000000004f15 size=823  
   data #00006 oid=0000000000004f0e size=325 class=BTrees._IFBTree.IFSet
   data #00007 oid=0000000000003a9d size=1604  
   data #00008 oid=000000000002b61b size=830  
   data #00009 oid=0000000000037ad9 size=300 class=BTrees._IFBTree.IFSet
   data #00010 oid=000000000002c6f5 size=568  
   data #00011 oid=000000000002b661 size=448  

Jeff Shell

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