Miles wrote at 2008-12-4 13:39 +0000:
>I've moved a FileStorage from one (old) machine to another (new) 
>machine, but when I mount it on the new machine I get a lot of time errrors:
>Traceback (innermost last):
>   Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 115, in publish
>   Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 88, in mapply
>   Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 41, in call_object
>   Module Shared.DC.Scripts.Bindings, line 311, in __call__
>   Module Shared.DC.Scripts.Bindings, line 348, in _bindAndExec
>   Module App.special_dtml, line 176, in _exec
>   Module DocumentTemplate.DT_Let, line 76, in render
>   Module DocumentTemplate.DT_In, line 703, in renderwob
>   Module DocumentTemplate.DT_With, line 76, in render
>   Module DocumentTemplate.DT_Var, line 214, in render
>   Module App.PersistentExtra, line 43, in bobobase_modification_time
>   Module DateTime.DateTime, line 509, in __init__
>   Module DateTime.DateTime, line 760, in _parse_args
>   Module DateTime.DateTime, line 437, in safelocaltime
>TimeError: The time 98040302366.810165 is beyond the range of this 
>Python implementation.

I expect that your storage is damanged and contains some garbage
at a place where a serial should be.

This could probably be fixed -- but other parts of your storage
might be damanged, too.

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