I am using Plone2.5.5 with Zope2.9.8-final and ZODB3.6.2.Now my Data.fs size
is nearly 26G with almost 140k Plone objects and more than 4100k zope
objects in the database. Since 2 moths ago, I could not pack my database
successfully. Recent days I tried to pack it again, but after more than 72
hours running, the pack process wasn't end

I readed lots of discussions on the forum, some guys said turn off 'GC' when
packing will improve the speed tremendously.Then I found an experimental
product -- 'zc.FileStorage' written by Jim, but it seems that it only used
by ZODB3.8 or later. So what should I do on ZODB3.6.2 to turn off 'GC' when
do packing.

ps:If this is a wrong place to ask the question, please let me know, I'll
move it to the right place.


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