> That would be great.  If we're talking Python 2.6, it might be best to
> wait until someone gets the tests passing first.


I believe it would look like (only on Windows):

Python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 on 32bit
Python 2.6 on 64bit

FWIW: Python 2.6.1 < there is a .dll loading regression for Windows.
Fixed in trunk.

>>  One problem is..
>> it takes ages for it the tests to run;
> About 45 minutes for me on a 32-bit VM with Python 2.5.

Sounds right.  42 minutes on the 64bit VM.

> You could email them to me, but please don't start emailing 2.6 tests
> to me until we get them to pass. :)

What about the zope-test mailing list?

We are aiming to have this done by mid next week.

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