David Glick wrote:
> Taking the existing ExportImport.py code as a starting point, it looks  
> like I would need to:
> 1. modify the persistent_load method to handle rewriting extended  
> references of types 'n' and 'm'
> 2. provide some way to process several export files at once, and input  
> a mapping of filename to database name (to handle when I am, say,   
> importing 2 databases with references between each other)

On second thought... if it were me, I think I'd write a special export 
function, rather than import function.  The export function would cross 
database boundaries as needed.  It would rewrite every OID and OID 
reference as "db_name:oid".  Then you wouldn't need to write an import 

I hope the import/export code doesn't have some buried assumption that 
OIDs are 8 bytes long, though.


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