Andreas Jung wrote:
> On 26.05.09 19:08, Andreas Jung wrote:
>> On 26.05.09 18:54, Laurence Rowe wrote:
>>> A few weeks ago I converted the "ZODB/ZEO Programming Guide" and a few 
>>> more articles into structured text and added them to the zope2docs 
>>> buildout. I've now moved them to their own buildout in 
>>> svn+ssh:// and they will soon 
>>> appear at (thanks Jens!)
>> There is also (the same=) ZODB documentation available under
>> We should get rid of one copy.
> oppss..sorry, for misreading...just seen your checkins for moving the stuff.

They're actually copies at the moment, once Jens performs his magic I'll 
remove them from the Zope 2 buildout.


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