Chris Withers wrote:
> Laurence Rowe wrote:
>> Jim Fulton wrote:
>>> Well said. A feature I'd like to add is the ability to have persistent  
>>> objects that don't get their own database records, so that you can get  
>>> the benefit of having them track their changes without incuring the  
>>> expense of a separate database object.
>> +lots
>> Hanno Schlichting recently posted a nice graph showing the persistent 
>> structure of a Plone Page object and it's 9 (!) sub-objects. 
> That graph isn't quite correct ;-)
> workflow_history has DateTime objects in it, and I think they get their 
> own pickle.

Nope. DateTime objects are plain old-style classes and don't inherit
from persistent.*. They are incredibly expensive to unpickle since all
the DWIM magic in their __init__ get called each time, though.


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