Rudá Porto Filgueiras wrote:
> Yes, it was closed in the midle of transaction, but if you are sure
> there is nothing to do with RelStorage and there is no possible or
> workaround to the RelStoratge MySQL adapter to lead with MySQL bugs or
> resistent do to network failures and recover from this "deadlock"
> situation (or it will an ugly hack), I will move to PostgreSQL.

At this point I can't even think of an ugly hack that would solve this, 
since I can't understand the state MySQL is getting into.  I assume that 
calling RELEASE_LOCK in MySQL has no effect.

> I also began with MySQL 5.0 from CentOS 5.0 distribution and after a
> change to MySQL 5.4.1 and this failure occur on both.

Did you mean CentOS 5.2?  If not, I would upgrade. :-)

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