Chris Withers wrote:
> I've got a ZODB that's ballooned and I'm now having problems packing 
> with zeopack.
> I tried with zeopack, which appeared to just hang (still in top, but no 
> cpu usage for an hour or two), so I ctrl-c'ed it.
> Now when I try, I just get the text "Already packing" back.

The ZEO server does all the packing work.  The zeopack utility only 
tells the ZEO server to get started, then waits for it to finish.  It 
probably wasn't hung.

> There is a .old file there, but it was last modified over a week ago.

The analysis phase of packing can take a long time.  A week is too much, 
though. :-)

> If so, what should I look to do now?

If I were solving it, I would see what happens if I copy the storage to 
RelStorage and then pack it.  Maybe that's just me though.


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