Chris Withers wrote:
> Shane Hathaway wrote:
>> Chris Withers wrote:
>>> I thought RelStorage was slow at packing?
>> Not anymore.  I optimized packing last December/January and it has been 
>> plenty fast ever since, AFAIK.
> Interesting. Got any metrics on its speed compared to FileStorage, 
> including packing?

I don't have numbers on pack speed, but I've eliminated all the speed 
issues people have brought up.

People have been looking at these performance charts for quite a while:

Look at this chart in particular, which suggests that RelStorage with 
PostgreSQL or MySQL is several times faster than ZEO for heavy read loads:

I am waiting for someone to dispute these results.  I *want* ZEO to be 
faster, since its code paths are simpler than any relational database, 
but the performance measurements suggest that under pressure, RelStorage 
with MySQL or PostgreSQL can read 3 objects in the time it takes ZEO 
with FileStorage to read 1.


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