Ross J. Reedstrom wrote:
> For my druthers, I just _trust_ PostgreSQL a lot more: the one MySQL DB
> I have that I use on an on-going basis is my MythTV media-pc. Once a
> month or so I have to repair a table. I've used PostgreSQL in
> professional high load production for years and never had a corruption
> issue: even when running out of disk! (the main culprit in my experience
> w/ MySQL, since that's the default state for a PVR: full!)

I've had similar experiences.

> shared caches: this is the main reason I've been looking at relstore:
> we're running many Zope FEs against one ZOE right now, and due to the
> nature of the load-balancer, we're seeing little gain from the caches.
> I'm looking to fix that issue, to some extent, but sharing across all
> the FEs on one box would be a big win, I'm sure.

I hope so.  I must admit that I don't have great confidence in the 
probable cache hit rate of the current RelStorage/memcached strategy.  I 
do have a lot of hope that it can be improved, possibly by adding to 

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