On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 1:08 PM, Ross J. Reedstrom <reeds...@rice.edu> wrote:
> shared caches: this is the main reason I've been looking at relstore:
> we're running many Zope FEs against one ZOE right now, and due to the
> nature of the load-balancer, we're seeing little gain from the caches.
> I'm looking to fix that issue, to some extent, but sharing across all
> the FEs on one box would be a big win, I'm sure.

For similar reasons I've been considering various affinity approaches
lately.  Most people are familiar with session affinity, but I'm
thinking of something more like "data" affinity.

Instead of having a big cache that is shared in order to increase the
chance of a request's data being in the cache, you would instead have
many smaller caches (just like ZEO works now) and send the requests to
the process(es) that are most likely to have the appropriate data in
their cache.
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