Hi All,

I'm upgrading a Zope 2.9.8 project to Zope 2.12 + zeoraid.

As I've done with previous projects, I run the .fs files through zodb 
3.8.3's strip_versions script. For both the storages in this project, 
the script found no version records.

As a first step, I'm currently running the 2.9.8 app server against a 
pair of zeo storage servers running zodb 3.9.3 and zeoraid 1.0b3

However, when I try and view the history tab of *any* page template 
within the .fs files, even a newly created one, I get an assertion error 
from zeoraid as gocept.zeoraid.storage.RAIDStorage's history method is 
getting called with version passed as an integer 20.

Anyone have any idea what that 20 means and why it's being passed like that?



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