Christian Theune wrote:
>> Would anyone object if I wrote a test and fixed this on the 3.9 branch
>> of ZODB? I'm not really sure what to do about the trunk...
> I think that's the best idea. It's not exactly part of the policy of
> supporting old protocols but if we want to support and encourage 3rd
> party storage implementations we should leverage this simple fix for
> better backwards compatibility.

Hmmm, I'm less sure now. The problematic code is here:

It looks like ZEOStorage308Adapter is used when the protocol specified 
is less than Z309, which it is in my case. But, the assumption here is 
that the storage being served by StorageServer effectively matches the 
Z309 API. zeoraid's RAIDStorage does not...

However, I can't see what `history` method is called if the protocol >= 
Z309. Christian, I'm guessing you guys have used zeoraid with 3.9 from 
some time now, does this issue not occur if everything is talking Z309? 
If not, why not?


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