I've just released 3.10.0a1:


The main focus of this release is ZEO server performance.  For
realistic benchmarks involving data stored on magnetic disk (as
opposed to SSD or RAM), I've seen speedups of 4x or more, primarily by
making the storage server multi- threaded.

(BTW, speaking of SSD, we did a test recently using a combination of
SSD and magnetic disk. The database was around 1TB in size, with
around 900GB being blob data.  We stored the non-blob data on an SSD
and blob data on a 14-spindle ISCSI magenetic storage systems.  The
test involved playing back database requests recorded in production.
Mean load times with a 3.9 storage server without SSD were 73
milliseconds.  Using SSD for the non-blob data reduced this to 20
milliseconds. Using the new ZEO implementation without SSD reduced the
mean load times to 16 milliseconds.  The use of both SSD and and the
new ZEO reduced mean load times to around 4 milliseconds.)

This release also includes a change to the way that file-storage
indexes are saved leading to make improvements in save and load times
and a 30% reduction in index file size.


Jim Fulton
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