Jim Fulton wrote:
> (BTW, speaking of SSD, we did a test recently using a combination of
> SSD and magnetic disk. The database was around 1TB in size, with
> around 900GB being blob data.  We stored the non-blob data on an SSD
> and blob data on a 14-spindle ISCSI magenetic storage systems.  The
> test involved playing back database requests recorded in production.
> Mean load times with a 3.9 storage server without SSD were 73
> milliseconds.  Using SSD for the non-blob data reduced this to 20
> milliseconds. Using the new ZEO implementation without SSD reduced the
> mean load times to 16 milliseconds.  The use of both SSD and and the
> new ZEO reduced mean load times to around 4 milliseconds.)

This is great news.  Thanks for mentioning it.


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