Hello everybody. I have a problem with zeoraid + plone (I ask for the
problem in the general questions in Plone, and they say me that i could ask

I can do work zeoraid and plone for separate, but if I try to connect my
zope client instance with the zeoraid, its dont work.

I try different configurations:

     zope client -> zeoraid -> zeoservers;
     zope client -> zeoserver <- zeoraid -> zeoservers

I think that the problem is the ZODB, because zeoraid (gocept.zeoraid) work
with ZODB3 >= 3.9, whereas Plone 3.3.4 work with Zope 2.10, and this with
ZODB 3.7.1...

so, the question is, Did someone get that zeoraid and plone work together??

Thanks for your time!
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