Hi Shane (and others)

I'm just testing Relstorage 1.4b3 ... it has exciting new features :-) !!
I've started testing memcached integration, and in few hours I've had this
error twice:

   - Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 121, in publish
   - Module Zope2.App.startup, line 240, in commit
   - Module transaction._manager, line 96, in commit
   - Module Products.CPSCompat.PatchZODBTransaction, line 175, in commit
   - Module transaction._transaction, line 441, in _commitResources
   - Module ZODB.Connection, line 715, in tpc_finish
   - Module relstorage.storage, line 825, in tpc_finish
   - Module relstorage.storage, line 845, in _finish
   - Module relstorage.cache, line 294, in after_tpc_finish
   - Module memcache, line 360, in incr
   - Module memcache, line 384, in _incrdecr

ValueError: invalid literal for int(): NOT_FOUND

Retrying the request solve the problem, but I report it to you to be known
(in fact, I don't know if the problem is in relstorage or in memcache).  I'm
working with python2.4.6 and python-memcache module version 1.40

Thanks a lot for this new release of relstorage, the performance testings
are amazing
Santi Camps
KMKey hacker (http://www.kmkey.com)
Earcon S.L. (http://www.earcon.com)
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