On 03/22/2010 03:09 PM, Sylvain Viollon wrote:
> Hello,
>    I am currently testing gocept.zeoraid, and this seems to work fine.
>    However, I have few questions:
>    [...]

>    - I tested like my clumsy customers would use it (that means doing
>      things in the wrong order for instance).
>      I did a similar setup that the one located in the Zope SVN: two
>      ZEO server as backend, and two ZEO Raid server on top of it,
>      connected to two Zope clients. I stop one backend ZEO server.
>      I did raid-manage status, and details and it work fine.
>      After, I executed raid-manage recover 1, 1 being the backend ZEO
>      server I previously stopped, and did details again. I have
>      'recovering: ???'. Which is ok since I didn't start again my
>      backend ZEO server. But if I start it after, the status doesn't
>      change. If I do again raid-manage recover 1, the status stays the
>      same (and the command display None).
>      I think this is bad, as I can't expect my customer to always do
>      things in the correct step (that would be too easy).
>      Done in the correct order that seems to work fine. But I need to do
>      more testing.

Yeah, sounds like a bug. Do you mind reporting that into launchpad?


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