I'm evaluating ZODB for a new project and wondering how to use it in the  
optimum way.

First off, there will be rather frequent writes to the storage (up to 10  
per second). Almost all writes will not produce any conflict. Most of the  
frequent writes will write small objects (<1kb). Occasionally there will  
be bigger (~1-10 MB) writes. The final size of the stored data is likely  
in the 100s of GB range.

I'm probably going to use a FileStorage, because the db will be accessed  
 from a single point for now and networking/multiprocessing with ZEO is not  

Now I've got a few questions left:

- Does it make sense to use ZODB in this scenario?
- What's the difference between storing bigger objects as blobs and as  
plain large strings?
- Can I stream in parts of a blob/large string without having to read all  
of it?
- Where can I find example code on zodb blobs? E.g. how do I save a blob,  
how do I read it back in?
- Are there more complications to blobs other than a slightly different  
backup procedure?
- Is it ok to use cross-database references? Or is this better avoided at  
all cost?

There will probably crop up more questions later... :-)

Thanks for your input!
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