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> [Nitro]
>> ...
>> I wonder if _commit is really *that* slow
> Six years ago I timed factor-of-100 speed differences due to using MS
> _commit() on WinXP at the time:
>> or if there's another (faster) function which can be called...
> No MS function that does the same thing.

Seems like ZODB has a long history of discussions on this matter:

There's even a proposal for improvement in that thread, also on the wiki:

What I don't really get is why you should never use "None" on windows. As  
far as I can judge from the various transaction rates in the thread Tim  
mentioned, fsync is just a no-op on linux anyways (depending on the  
specific file system of course).

I am almost tempted to do

os.fsync = lambda fd: 0

and rely on yesterday's backup. 0.49 j/k.

Postgres has something similar as the proposal suggested:

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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