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Hello Christian,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 8:30:50 AM, you wrote:

CT>  I don't think the transfer rate is actually that interesting. For small
CT>  but many transactions the seek time/spinning speed should have the
CT>  limiting influence.

CT>  I've run the attached script a couple of times on my notebook, here's
CT>  the results:

CT>  0.11 909.090909091
CT>  0.15 666.666666667
CT>  0.2 500.0
CT>  0.07 1428.57142857
CT>  0.07 1428.57142857
CT>  0.14 714.285714286

CT>  The initial runs are a bit lower as they were interfered with by other
CT>  applications writing to the disk.

CT>  It's a notebook w/ Intel P9600, Seagate 7.2k SATA drive, 4GB RAM, Ubuntu
CT>  10.04, linux 2.6.32, ext4

Something is wrong with the seek time.
Trying it on an Intel G1 80G SSD goes hardly over a 1000.

Well, sounds like a broken fsync then. :/

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