Am 14.04.2010, 04:08 Uhr, schrieb Laurence Rowe <>:

> Running your test script on my small amazon EC2 instance on linux
> takes between 0.0 and 0.04 seconds (I had to remove the divide by
> total to avoid a zero division error). 0.02 is 5000/s.

I don't know how EC2 works in detail, but 5000 transactions per second  
sound impossible to write to disk. Even 500 are impossible if your disk  
doesn't have VERY fast access times.

There was a similar thread on the sqlite mailing list, here are the most  
interesting posts:

Judging from what people tell there (seems to make sense to me) your os  
does not perform proper transactions if they are much higher than 50. Or  
you have extremely fast hard disks.

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