> So, the best place to call those would be during my commit break (whenever I
> decide to take it? [which would be less often if I could be sure of no
> crashing]).  Are there any other problems with the way I was using ZODB in
> my code?  I really like it, but I recognize that it's a lot more complicated
> than my old system.

Correct.  Pick appropriate place where you are "finished" with a batch
of objects
and possibly have them no longer referenced.  Then you can call cacheMinimize.
You can call cacheGC to reduce memory usage.

Your code looks straight forward.  I do not see it doing anything strange.

It's more complicated than old system? Ugh.  That sucks.  The ZODB should
be LESS complicated than sqlite+custom rolled caching.  If not than you may
be doing something wrong or ZODB is not living up to its promise *wink*

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